Donate Books

The Friends of the Library maintains an on-going book sale of gently used materials at the Orange County Main Library. We are seeking donations of books, CDs, and DVDs in good condition to be included in the sale.

Please remember: We can only accept donations of books in good reading condition. We prefer gently used fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books. Recently published books sell best.

We will have to recycle any books that are damaged by writing, smoke, water, mildew, or insects. Save the volunteers some effort and take these damaged books to the recycling center instead of donating them. Thanks!

Up to one box or bag of donations per day can be dropped of at the Main Library circulation desk during normal business hours. For large donations, contact Book Sale Coordinator Stacey Gamble directly: See the Donation Policy for more information.


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    Mystery/Suspense novel by Noel Markham

    Please accept my Gift for the members of your book group. You can download a FREE PDF version of Deadly Denial at:

    I have also included a list of Discussion Questions on my Website in the information section.

    Deadly Denial is the story of a young woman in Orange County who discovers her parents have been murdered and that she has been named the Trustee of their estate. While trying to carry out her duties she discovers that many of her parents’ assets are missing and when she tries to look into this, she realizes that someone is trying to kill her. She does not know who or why but she needs to figure it out if she expects to make it out alive.

    I hope you will download the book and I hope you enjoy the read. I’ve already received many very favorable reviews. I also hope you will give me your feedback when you finish reading the book.




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