Board Officer Elections and Committee Representation

At the first regular meeting of the Board of Directors for FOCPL, the Board elected a new slate of officers for 2016. Those officers are:

  • Lori-Anne Shapiro, President
  • Stacey Gamble, Vice-President
  • Steve Smith, Treasurer
  • Shannon Turlington, Secretary
In addition to these officers, there are several ongoing committees, each with a Board representative. They are:
  • Finance Committee: Steve Smith
  • Bylaws Committee: Hollie White
  • Membership Committee: Robin Crawford
  • Ongoing Book Sale Committee: Marcia Cameron
  • Semi-annual Book Sale Committee: Stacey Gamble
  • Website and Social Media: Shannon Turlington
Other committees may be formed as needs arise. We welcome the participation of our Friends volunteers in any of these committees. If you are interested in volunteering, let us know at Thank you!
Thanks also to those members who attended our 2016 Visioning Workshop on Wednesday evening. We generated a lot of exciting ideas for future projects and ways we can better support our library. We also welcome further ideas from all of you. Email us anytime!

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