FOCPL Spring 2015 Book Sale: A Resounding Success!

By Lori-Anne Shapiro 

We are happy to report that the 2015 Spring Book Sale was a huge success! We earned $2670, which, according to OCPL Director Lucinda Munger, was a record breaker!

We recruited Stacey Gamble as a new coordinator of the semi-annual book sale.  She is highly experienced and knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. It was my pleasure to act as her assistant and liaison to the Board. In fact, we worked so well together, she accepted our nomination to join the Friends Board and fill one of our two vacancies. Stacey will also continue as our book sale coordinator.

A great job was done to publicize the sale, especially on social media. The occasion of the book sale served as the springboard for our Board to launch a Facebook page and Twitter account, thanks to Stacey and fellow Board member Shannon Turlington.

The FOCPL Board participated in all phases of the sale, and a strong cadre of Friends volunteers helped out; they all brought a great sense of fun and hard work! Many of them were repeat volunteers from past sales. They were  very generous with their time, enthusiastic about serving the public, and fun to be with.

The event inspired the creation of FOCPL t-shirts, which were worn by all volunteers during the sale. Along with adding  style and flair to the event, our t-shirts helped identify helpers, which was greatly appreciated by both volunteers and patrons.

We drew a large crowd of book lovers, with the highest attendance  on Saturday between 10 a.m. and noon. A large number of new members joined the Friends during the event.

A special highlight was Gloria Glenn, author of Caretta, the Top Turtle. She gave a highly interactive presentation about loggerhead turtles on Saturday morning that was a huge hit with young children and families!

The Prisoners program and the Expedition School were gifted many of the leftover books.

We’re already looking forward to the fall sale. We will be showcasing some wonderful children’s literature from the late 1800s, generously donated by Barbara Younger. And we are already soliciting book donations (please see our donation policy for details).

Last but not least, I’d like to give our volunteers a special heartfelt thanks: Debbie Simmers, Dennis Hermanson, Dale Hardy, Skip, Jane Gaede, Margie Hardy, Janie Trumbull, Ed Hailey, Sara Levinson, Mary Wiley, Mary DesHarnais, Suzanne Vergara, Robin Bedingfield, Nancy and Lou Walters, Jane and EmmaLi Clark, Anne Tordi, Barb Caton, Jeff and Linda Schmidt, and Matthew Pockney.


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